History of Poker Card Games in Europe

History of Poker Card Games in Europe

History of Poker Card Games in Europe –┬áPoker card games who are not familiar with card games that use playing cards, if we ask parents of old, surely they are very familiar with this game.

Because this game is their game when there is no smartphone. And usually they play poker just to accompany them when there is a patrol activity, which makes the atmosphere of their midfielder dance. Some play only for eseng, some play using real money for betting.

But speaking of poker card games, do you know where this game came from, in this article I will provide information about the history of poker. If you play poker now, the games we have played have been modified in the previous century.

This poker game if we browse from the website or from information that this poker game has existed since the beginning of the 18th century in several European countries. Examples such as the English poker game called by the name Brag, France is called by the name Poque and in Germany is called by the name Pochen.

History of Poker Card Games in Europe

In the past 18th century trade between countries was very expensive, when many French citizens came to America and introduced poker games there, one of the sources I read in the media in the UK that this poker game first began in 1892 in the city named New Orleans, America.

Poker Game Only Four People

In those days poker gambling games only used one deck of cards, and it contained only 20 types of cards, and only four people played on the table. But the game at that time was very different from the poker game we play today. Because the poker game that we play now is a game that has been modified so many times that the creation of the famous poker game today.